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1. Yours is an occasional business:

The need for staff in occasional / seasonal business keeps fluctuating. Sometimes you may need less number of staff whereas on the other hand lot of workers during peak time. For example: FMCG, Telecom, Events & Expo, HealthTech, Food Tech, Fin Tech, Exhibitions, Promotions, Branding, Sales, Marketing, BTL Activation etc, Retail industry etc.

2. Cost cutting:

Unlike full time staffing, temporary staff does not require fixed or expensive benefits like HRA, medical expenses, insurance etc. Even training costs are excluded as they are briefed & trained before they start with their work. And one big advantage is that there is no over – time employment cost. Why go for full time staffing & pay more when you have the facility of temporary staffing.

3. Performance analysis:

It is really difficult to analyse a candidate’s performance just by seeing his / her resume. The productivity & efficiency cannot be judged by speaking for few minutes. Hence, this burden is given to staffing agencies to hire qualified candidates. Later, this temp staff can be converted to permanent staff based on their performance. Costly hiring mistakes can be avoided to a greater extent leading to high turnover.

4. Access to new skills:

Though temporary staffing is usually done for lower – level roles. But the fact is that, they can get new skills to their role which in turn improves efficiency & productivity. This is beneficial when skills from outside your team are required. Temporary workforce can be hired to keep the work going on without any interruption.

5. Flexibility is well – organised:

Temporary staffing has the flexibility of hiring additional manpower for any additional activity you have. Once the task is accomplished, the manpower can be sent back. There can also be a contract for certain period of time which acts as an assurance between the staffing agency & the client.

Hence, this will provide stability in an unstable economy.

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